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Discover the true “polder” sensation by spending a day in the green fields of Holland. Poldersport De Kwakel offers 13 sports events and 2 polder programs. In our building, ’t Praathuis, you can comfortably converse with your companions before indulging in the polder fun. To complete your programme we can serve lunch, barbecue or drinks and snacks on our garden terrace.

1. Sports events
Take the opportunity to compose your individual programme from the events listed below. Each event takes 1.5 to 2 hours. The price of two sports events is € 39,50 per participant from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday we’re closed.  Each sports event is suitable for groups numbering 10 and more.

2. Polder survival trek
This trek through the polder involves 25 different ways of crossing polder watercourses. You will use various ropes, trapezes, ropeways or a raft to get across. In addition, you will do assorted balancing and agility exercises while attempting to get to the other side. You can’t afford to miss on this for the true polder experience. (For pictures see ‘Poldersurvival’)

3. Canoe trip
You will be launched into the water in a stable Canadian canoe and then make a 4-kilometer long trip through a variety of landscapes. (For pictures see ‘Kanotocht’)

4. Hexathlon
Teams of 5 to 8 will combat each other on such “disciplines” as a slippery slope, an obstacle course, belly sliding, a caterpillar-skippy-ball race, the A-game, cross-country team skiing, the Ferris wheel and the wobbly barrel, a field see-saw and Balanz Bikes. (For pictures see ‘Zeskamp’)

5. Highland games Kwakel style
This is the Kwakel variety of the traditional, archaic Scottish games: tug-of-war, cross-cut sawing a log, tossing the log and punching the bag. (For pictures see ‘Kwakelse highlandgames’)

6. Raft building
Your assignment is to build a raft with your team, using barrels, wooden beams, ropes and a flagpole and flag. Next, you hold a race to see who is fastest. (For pictures see ‘Vlottenbouw’)

7. Life-size table football
Amongst the green meadows, a field with real ocean sand and a giant ball strikes the eye. You are attached to your team mates with thick elastic bands. Now let the match begin. The field, by the way, can easily be transformed into a beach-volleyball court. (For pictures see ‘Levend- voetbalspel’)

8. Dutch golf
In the heart of the polder we play golf with a wooden-shoe club. Try not to hit a cow… (For pictures see ‘Quakelgolf’)

9. Build a rope bridge
With your team you will construct a rope bridge spanning 25 metres. Tension mounts as you try to get across: upside down, right side up or if need be by means of a pulley. (For pictures see ‘Touwbrug bouwen’)

10. Fire a catapult
In a team you will build a giant catapult. Once it is finished, you engage in a contest: Who can fling the longest shot? (For pictures see ‘Katapult schieten’)

11. Stunt kites
It only takes 10 minutes to learn how to fly a stunt kite. We have kites to go with all wind forces. Will you manage to keep both feet on the ground? (For pictures see ‘Stuntvliegeren’)

12. The way of the polder
For groups we have selected 7 problems, aka challenges. Each one of them can be solved, even if the solution is not obvious. When the game is over, a brief evaluation will put everyone with their feet back on the ground. For this event there is a supplementary charge of € 4,00 for each participant. (For pictures see ‘Poldermodel’)

13. Archery
You may not become as good a marksman as Robin Hood in 90 minutes, but it is possible to learn the basics of archery and safety. Who knows; this event could be right on the mark. (For pictures see ‘Handboogschieten’)

14. Meetings
Poldersport De Kwakel has its own meeting venue, ‘t Praathuis, with a room that can accommodate up to 24 people. We have also rooms up to 60 people. Hold your meeting here first and head out into the polder afterwards. The price is from € 175,00 per morning or afternoon.



Full day program
Welkom at ± 9.30
Prices per participant until 40 persons (minimum of 10 persons for sports, lunch and barbecue).
All programs start with coffee/tea and krentenwegge (a local treat).

 Monday to Sunday
 4 sportevents
 Barbecue (optional)
 Total price
For a day program with 3 sport events is a reduction of € 8,00 per participant

Half day programs
Welkom times 9.30 / 11.00 / 13.30 / 15.30 / 17.30 and takes ± 4 hours.
Prices per participant until 40 person (minimum of 10 persons for sports, lunch and barbecue).
All programs start with coffee/tea and krentenwegge (a local treat).

Monday to Sunday
2 sportevents 39,50
Barbecue (optional) 27,75
Total price 67,25
Eventual lunch extra 16,50
  • For groups larger than 40 persons there is a reduction of € 2,00 per participant.
  • All prices are per person and inclusive VAT shown.
  • All welcome times are estimated times, exceptions are always possible.
  • Minimum participation of 10 people, when you come with fewer participants, you pay for 10 people.
  • Coffee and tea during your stay with us free available.
  • We have no possibility to pay by debit or credit card.
  • Our season runs from begin of april to the end of october, but our office is open all year.



All programs can be combined with a:

1. Lunch (from 10 persons) – € 16,50 per participant.

  • Coffee/ tea / milk,
  • Soup,
  • Various luxury breads, with cheese, ham, beef roulade

2. (Poldersport)Barbecue (from 10 persons) – € 27,75 per participant.

  • Sate skewer,
  • Shaslick,
  • Olive skewer,
  • Marinated turkey filet,
  • Hamburger
  • Chops,
  • Sausage,
  • Kartoffel salad,
  • Pasta and green salad,
  • Bread and garlic butter,
  • Garlic, barbecue, Grill and satah sauce,

3. Luxury Poldersport Barbecue (from 10 persons) – € 37,75 per participant.

  • Fish skewer,
  • Beef sate skewer,
  • Salmon,
  • Shaslick,
  • Marinated turkey filet,
  • Marinated steak,
  • Green salad (with feta cheese, tomato etc.),
  • Pasta, fruit, and kartoffel salad,
  • Bread and butter,
  • Garlic, barbecue, grill and satah sauce.

4. Various buffets (from 15 persons).

  • List can be obtained.
  • Our bread and meat / meat products are supplied by the artisan baker and butcher.
lunch eten poldersport


Soft drinks AA-drink€2,00
Various sport drinks€2,95
It’s prohibited to take your own consumptions